Looseleaf Logging Sheets

Some quick, printable sheets for HF logging

I'm continually logging contacts on postit notes, and I always omit something — date, time, or frequency — so I decided I'd keep these arount to print off and use ad-hoc, since I don't usually keep a laptop or computer running with logging software started if I'm on HF at night.

These can be used as a temporary measure to log a few contacts and then type them into logging software later, or you can punch holes in the gutter margins (left on the Portrait version, top on the Landscape) and put them in a notebook.

It also saves you buying a commercial logbook. The MS Word formatted files are provided for you to customize.

The Sheets

The last item is a high-contrast, large-print version for those with sight limitations. (TNX to Bruce, VE4BLB, for the suggestion!).